Our Water

The source of AquaBEST water is carefully selected by a team of specialized experts. The raw water is then analyzed at various water quality testing facilities from which we design a water purification system to ensure that the purified water meets the highest local and international standards.

AquaBEST water is routinely monitored and tested for quality to ensure it conforms to the highest standards. The business concept of AquaBEST water is to ensure our clients get the best water right at the source. Our products include; 300ml bottle, 500ml bottle, 1 liter bottle, 1.5 lts bottle, 5 lts bottle and refill, 10 lts bottle and refill and 18.9 lrs bottle and refill.

Have you ever seen how the water bottling companies transport and handle the refill bottles that you buy? After the bottle is collected, it is transported in open trucks where it gathers dust. Most companies don't clean and sanitize the bottles, they just rinse them and refill back the water for delivery to your collection point. The delivery is made in open trucks again and sometimes the bottles may be placed in the most un hygiene places like the ones below – sewer outlets. This is not how you would want your and that of you family water handles.

When you come with your bottle for refill, we not only clean it but also sanitize the bottle all while you wait. The bottle is then filled with the purified water and handed back to you to safely deliver to your home/family. This therefore provides you with the guarantee and peace of mind that the water you take home to your family is not only purified but also it is handled and packaged in the most hygiene manner. That gives you full control for your family’s health!